Sacramento Emergency Rental Assistance (SERA) Program



Opened on October 9, 2020 and Closed on October 29, 2020 




Applications are not considered based on date and time received.  After all the applications are received, they will be placed in a computer-generated random order.

As long as you have received the SERA Program Application Successfully Submitted email, your application will be reviewed.


Through federal Coronavirus relief funding, this program will provide emergency rental assistance to pay past due rent for residents in the cities of Sacramento, Folsom, Isleton and Galt, along with unincorporated County of Sacramento, who are experiencing loss or reduction in income from employment because of COVID-19.

Applicants are eligible to receive up to $4,000 in rental assistance via payment made directly to the landlord. The total assistance amount available will depend on household need.


Renter Resources:

City’s Tenant Protection Program

City’s Tenant Protection Program assists city residential and commercial landlords and tenants who are interested in addressing and resolving rent payments and tenancy issues related to COVID-19

Sacramento CARES Mediation

The City has hired the Sacramento Mediation Center to provide dispute resolution services for properties within the city of Sacramento to assist with the local Tenant Eviction Moratorium Ordinance and related rent repayment plans.  The services under this program are voluntary and at no cost to the participating parties while funding is available.

California Apartment Association

The California Apartment Association  provides information for landlords and tenants and has additional information about the COVID -19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020.

Renter’s Helpline

The Renters Helpline provides telephone counseling and mediation services for Sacramento County residents in a housing crisis or dispute. The program counselors deal directly with concerns regarding landlord-tenant disputes and help refer fair housing issues to the appropriate agency.

Financial and Employment Resources:

Financial Empowerment Center

The City of Sacramento (in partnership with the Sacramento office of International Rescue Committee) offers free professional one-on-one financial navigation and coaching for local residents.

Sacramento COVID Relief

Find information for workers impacted by COVID

  • worker protection and related laws,
  • benefits and support available, and
  • job placement and training

Sacramento Employment and Training Agency

Information about job centers and community resources available, including job listings.

Sacramento Works

Job listings for Sacramento and beyond.

Important: When adding your address


  • As the landlord, you are acknowledging that the identified tenant

    • Is applying for rental assistance through the Sacramento Emergency Rental Assistance Program, and

    • is renting property from you, and

    • owes rent.

    For the renter to participate, the landlord must agree to:

    • Accept the rental payment

    • Not pursue eviction for non-payment while receiving rental assistance

    • Waive any late fees or penalties for rent not paid during the period of time the rent payments are received

    Required Documents:

    • Lease Agreement, Rental Agreement or proof of residency

    • Landlord certification form (stating amount owed in back rent and Landlord agrees not to charge late fees for rent paid or to evict tenant for non-payment of rent for the period covered by the rental assistance)

    • W9


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