SHRA Governing Boards

As a Joint Powers Agency (JPA), the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency is under the authority of the City of Sacramento, the City Housing Authority, the County of Sacramento, the County Housing Authority, and/or the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Commission depending on the issue and the authorities delegated.

The links below provide information about the most current SHRA Commission Meeting Agenda and Reports, a list of current governing board members, additional information about the various governing boards,  and guidance about how to obtain more information about the approval actions the governing boards take related to SHRA. Note that in 2020 the City will begin holding special Housing Authority Board meetings at 2pm on the following dates: February 11th, April 21st, July 28th, September 22nd, October 13th, November 17th, and December 8th. Refer to the link below for the City of Sacramento to view those agendas which will be posted 72 hours prior to the meeting. 


SHRA Commission – current meeting information

11-18-20 meeting cancellation notice


2020 Commission Agendas and Reports

Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Commission

City of Sacramento

County of Sacramento


SHRA Commission Members

Michael Alcalay

Barry F. Boyd
Melvin Griffin
Gale Morgan
Cecile Nunley

Jasmine Osmany

Samuel Starks

Darrel Woo


County of Sacramento/County Housing Authority 

Supervisor Phil Serna, District One
Supervisor Patrick Kennedy, District Two
Supervisor Susan Peters, District Three
Supervisor Sue Frost, District Four
Supervisor Don Nottoli, District Five

City of Sacramento/City Housing Authority 

Darrell Steinberg, Mayor
Angelique Ashby, District 1
Allen Warren, District 2
Jeff Harris, District 3
Steve Hansen, District 4
Jay Schenirer, District 5
Eric Guerra, District 6
Rick Jennings II, District 7
Larry Carr, District 8

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