X Street Navigation Center

The 100-bed X-Street Navigation Center in Sacramento opened September 21st, 2021. Priority is given to unsheltered adults in the immediate vicinity of the shelter. Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) oversees the operations of the shelter while Volunteers of America (VOA) provides the daily on-site services of shelter operations. All shelter guests will be given access to a myriad of services that will meet them where they are and assist them in obtaining permanent housing.

SHRA has partnered with various entities to serve the guests.

Entry to the X Street Navigation Center is through a closed referral process. This project does not have a waiting list.

  • For information about the X-Street Navigation Center referral process or homeless services please reach out to SHRA’s Homeless Innovations Department (HI) at (916) 440-1382 or email at hiquestions@shra.org

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SHRA is providing weekly and monthly updates on the X Street Navigation Center. If you have questions about the reports, please call the Homeless Innovations Department at (916) 440-1382 or email at hiquestions@shra.org.

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