Executive Staff

SHRA’s leadership staff includes the Executive Director’s Cabinet which is comprised of Deputy Executive Director of Administration, Deputy Executive Director of Development, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Housing, Director of Housing Choice Vouchers, Director of Homeless Innovations, Assistant Director of Development Finance, General Counsel, and Public Information Officer.

In addition to the members of the Executive Director’s Cabinet, SHRA’s leadership staff is comprised of Managers with expertise in community redevelopment, strategic planning and development, affordable housing finance, public housing asset management, housing development and public infrastructure construction, community revitalization, media relations, branding, and marketing.

La Shelle Dozier, Executive Director

James Shields, Deputy Executive Director - Administration

Christine Weichert, Director - Housing Finance

Susana Jackson, Chief Financial Officer

Brad Nakano, General Counsel

Sarah O'Daniel, Deputy Executive Director - Housing Choice Voucher and Homeless Innovations

Angela Jones, Public Information Officer

Laila Darby, Director - Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program

Mark Hamilton, Director - Public Housing

Victoria Johnson, Assistant Director - Development

Michael Snyder, Director - Information Technology/Management Services

Michael Taylor, Director - Real Estate and Construction Services (RECS)

MaryLiz Paulson, Director - Homeless Innovations

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