Subrecipient/Contractor Resources

Programs and projects supported through ongoing and one-time HUD funding sources are subject to Federal and HUD regulations including, but not limited to, 2 CFR §200 and Title 24 – Housing and Urban Development of the Code of Federal Regulations. Funding sources administered by SHRA include Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME), Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA), Housing Trust Fund (HTF), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), and the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). Below are the Agency’s standard contracts and attachments, regulations, and guidelines for reference.

Standard Contract

City Individual Project Agreement (IPA)

County Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

CDBG Attachment

HOPWA Attachment

ESG Attachment

Federal Requirements

Monitoring Plan

Exhibits to Contracts and Agreements:

CDBG Regulations 24 CFR 570 et seq. (Exhibit 1)

2 CFR §200 (Financial, Performance, Audit, Cost Principle, and Procurement Standards) (Exhibit 2-9, 11-13)

Federal Labor Standards Provisions; 29 CFR §5.5 (Exhibit 10)

Executive Order 11246, as amended – Equal Opportunity (Exhibit 14)

Executive Order 13166 – Limited English Proficiency Access (Exhibit 15)

Equal Access to Housing and HUD Programs Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity (Exhibit 16)

Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (Exhibit 17)

CPD Notice 15-02 – Appropriate Placement for Transgender Persons in Single Sex Emergency Shelters and Other Facilities (Exhibit 18)

Generally Applicable HUD Program Requirements; Waivers 24 CFR Part 5 (Exhibit 19)


Playing by the Rules: A Handbook for CDBG Subrecipients

HUD Guide to National Objectives and Eligible Activities

Sacramento County’s Parcel Viewer

HUD Subrecipient Oversight Guidebook

HOPWA Grantee Oversight Resource Guide

HOPWA Rental Assistance Guidebook

ESG Desk Guide

ESG Fact Sheet

Rapid Re-Housing Desk Guide 

CDBG Subrecipient Workshop


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