Doing Business With SHRA

SHRA’s Construction Services Department regularly bids the ongoing modernization of its Public Housing stock in conformance with HUD guidelines and local building codes. Construction projects also include those financed by various other funding sources administered by SHRA. The Construction Services Department coordinates the preparation of the construction documents, prepares them for bidding through SHRA’s Procurement Services department, and provides construction management until project completion.

As a public agency, SHRA utilizes a wide range of goods and services from all types of businesses and is required to use a competitive solicitation process to procure supplies, construction services, maintenance services, and professional services. These activities are managed by SHRAs Procurement Services Division. SHRA also maintains a list of qualified vendors who can register to receive bid opportunity notifications. Refer to the instructions below regarding “how to become a qualified vendor with SHRA” for more information. Currently, the public is invited to do business with SHRA through the construction/bidding, and Request for Proposals/Qualifications (RFP/RFQ) opportunities outlined below.


Construction and Bidding Opportunities 

See below for the most current construction and bidding opportunities and also provides information on the bids awarded. To view a list of potential bidders for possible sub-contracting opportunities, visit Signature Reprographics’ web-site at this link, click on the project,  then click on “Planholders List” on the left side of the page.

Twin Rivers Demolition Phase 1B

PRE Block 20

8042 Pegler Way Selective Demolition 2018

Twin Rivers Demolition Phase 2A

Requests for Proposals (RFP) or Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) Opportunities

SHRA provides opportunities for developers, professional service providers, maintenance service contractors, and supply and general service providers the opportunity  to respond to Requests for Proposals (RFP) or Requests for Qualifications (RFQ).  An RFP is used when both qualifications and price are part of the selection process.  A RFQ is used when qualifications are the sole consideration for selection.  See below for a list of the most recent solicitations.

Painting Services – Interior/Exterior for Vacant & Occupied Properties

Janitorial Services - Commercial

Project-Based Vouchers for Homeless Families/Individuals

Frequently Used Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a qualified vendor with SHRA? The first step is to complete a Vendor’s Application and W-9 form. You can download these documents from our Web site at If applicable, applicants must be licensed by the state to perform the type of work specified in the Vendor’s Application. Applicants who submit completed and approved documents will be placed into the database and will receive bidding opportunity notifications.

After I obtain a contract with SHRA, can I get help finding subcontractors? A listing of subcontractors is required with bid submission. SHRA can assist with a list of potential subcontractors during the solicitation process.

What are other ways I can find out about bidding opportunities with SHRA? There are several ways to obtain information about construction or maintenance services bidding opportunities other than the website. Notices are also published in the Sacramento Builder’s Exchange and public notices are also placed in area newspapers.


For more information about Doing Business with SHRA, contact us at:

SHRA Procurement Services Division
801 12th Street – 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA  95814
(916) 440-1378 – Voice
(916) 442-6736 – Fax


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