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The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency Human Resources (HR) team is proud to support SHRA staff in fulfilling the organization’s mission of “Changing Lives.” At SHRA, you can use your skills to collaborate with colleagues, and help those seeking better lives, stronger families and prosperous communities. HR recruits and onboards the best talent who want to be part of something bigger. Once hired, SHRA employees are supported through benefits administration, ongoing training and development along with negotiation of fair and competitive wages.

The HR Department is also responsible for administering a comprehensive human resource management program that includes:
• implementation and administration of personnel policies and procedures;
• a fair and equitable classification and compensation system;
• shepherding employee complaints and grievances;
• employee training and development;
• employee assistance program;
• compliance with federal and state mandated family medical and disability leaves of absence and other applicable statutes;
• diversity and inclusion strategy; and
• equal employment opportunity programs.

Now is your chance to be a part of something bigger. By working at SHRA you can make a difference in the community. Want to use your skills to help those seeking better lives, stronger families and prosperous communities? Ready to work side by side with us to revitalize neighborhoods and create affordable housing opportunities?

SHRA Employee Engagement Case Study

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