Areas of Focus

Affordable Housing

We give our residents the tools and guidance needed to build a life and plan a future. Working with a variety of financing tools, we continuously expand housing opportunities for Sacramento’s underserved community and homeless. We do this through our voucher programs, rehabilitating and preserving older properties, constructing new rental and ownership housing, and offering mortgage  assistance programs.

Housing Authority

As one of the largest landlords in Sacramento, we provide safe, decent housing for 50,000 residents. Our staff works around the clock to make sure our properties are well maintained and livable for our residents. We also administer rental assistance for private housing through approximately 13,200 vouchers funded by HUD.

Community Revitalization

Through our community revitalization program, we collaborate with various neighborhoods and their residents to enhance the aesthetics of blighted areas resulting in safer communities to live and work. These programs have stimulated investments from the private sector resulting in new jobs and  housing opportunities in lower income neighborhoods. We focus our efforts on streetscapes, lighting, parks and community centers, mixed-use developments.

Neighborhood Investment

In order to revitalize low income communities, we administer a number of programs, including the Choice Neighborhoods and Promise Zone Initiatives. These programs accelerate job creation in underserved neighborhoods and revitalize commercial corridors for commercial and residential use. We are proud these programs meet the educational needs of low income neighborhoods by creating solutions ranging from increasing basic core competencies at the elementary school level to offering career readiness programs for adults.

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