Amber Ireland's Success Story

The Family Self Sufficiency program is just a wonderful program. After I got involved in the program, I realized it would help me become a homeowner by building an escrow account for me. At the time I started the program my income was zero. I also knew the program would help me build my credit and learn how to manage money. My family has been a part of the process and the journey with me from the beginning so they knew that everything that led up to me buying a home was a process that they were involved in. So they were as happy and excited as I was when it finally happened. It's not just a 1-2-3. The FSS program helped me get through the first steps to where I needed to be so that I could purchase a home. This program was instrumental in helping me reach my goal to purchase a home by the end of the year. I still had six months left to participate in the program so I could have continued to grow my escrow account but it was just my time.

My advice is for others to participate but take it seriously because it's for your future and you can earn a great reward through the escrow account program to help you with your future.

I've seen where housing assistance goes from generation to generation to generation and I want to break that cycle. You don't have to be on housing assistance forever. It's a stepping stone and you just keep progressing until one day, you'll be able to give your spot to someone who needs it more than you do, and I'm proud to say I don't need it anymore.

Amber Ireland is a graduate of Sacramento Housing Authority's Family Self Sufficiency Program. FSS is a voluntary five year program established by HUD in 1993 to help families become free of public assistance through the achievement of full time employment.