Alba and Eduardo Cortez, First Time Homebuyers

After nearly a year of searching for a home they could afford to buy, the Cortez family finally saw their dream of first‐time homeownership come true with Sacramento’s Vacant Properties Program (VPP).

Alba and Eduardo began house hunting in April 2009 and made their first offer on a beautiful home. But after two weeks of waiting, they learned that their offer wasn’t accepted. "I was sad but I told myself maybe the house wasn’t for me," said Alba. Over the next eight months, the family made more than 60 unsuccessful offers on homes they thought would be perfect to raise their young children. Just when they were ready to give up, a family member referred Alba to a realtor who told her about the program. She didn’t have high hopes that their offer on a recently renovated home would be accepted.
"I’ve been through this so many times before and I’m not going to be excited until I see those house keys in my hand." In April, Alba’s realtor called with the news that she had been desperately waiting to hear. The keys to her family’s dream home were ready!
"I’m thankful to SHRA for this program that really cares about leveling the playing field to help families make their dream of homeownership come true."

Maggie Thompson, Homeowner

A home improvement grant through SHRA allowed Maggie Thompson to make necessary improvements on her 35-year-old home in Sacramento.

"I knew I needed help so I called SHRA and someone came out to see what could be done. They let me get my own bids and even let me choose which contractor I felt comfortable working with. That was important to me. They didn’t just send someone over. They let me be a part of the process."

Luisa Marques, Housing Program Participant

Luisa Marques and her daughter, Mariana, have received rent assistance through SHRA’s housing program.

"When I heard there were openings in the SHRA Resident Training Program, I applied for the two-year painting program and I got in. I absolutely love it! I feel confident that this training will lead to permanent work as a painter and that’s so exciting. SHRA has allowed me to create a better life for me and my daughter and that means everything to me." 

Cyrus Youssefi with Globe Mills development partner Skip Rosenbloom

"I’ve been working with SHRA since 1984 and they really help make these projects happen. SHRA comes in and provides low interest loans to help bridge the gap. What the people at SHRA do has an extraordinary effect. Not only do they provide affordable housing for people in need, but they help provide jobs, they help the local economy. What they do helps the whole community."