The Neighborhood Stabilization Program is targeted to those areas in the City and County of Sacramento that are hardest hit by foreclosures and subprime lending.  Separate “Target Areas” have been identified for both NSP1 and NSP3 funding allocations as described below:


The NSP1 Target Areas were selected primarily using data on actual foreclosure rates per census tract from January 2007 through June 2008 (Source: Dataquick Information Systems), as well as actual high cost loans in 2006 (Source: HMDA).  Target areas selected were those census tracts in the City and County that were in the top quartile on both variables.  Maps of the City and County NSP1 Target Areas are available by clicking on the links below.

City of Sacramento NSP Target Areas (PDF) 
Sacramento County NSP Target Areas (PDF)


Similar to NSP1, the NSP3 continues to focus on the recovery and redevelopment of abandoned, foreclosed, or vacant homes. However, NSP3 program requirements call for a highly targeted program with the goal of creating a “visible neighborhood impact.”   As such, the proposed NSP3 Target Areas have been refined to account for the amount of funding available to maximize the effectiveness of federal funds and to leverage additional public and private investments.  A map of the City and County NSP3 Target Areas is available by clicking on the link below.

NSP3 City and County Target Areas (PDF) 

Determining Eligibility of Individual Properties

To determine if a specific property is located within the approved NSP1 or NSP3 Target Areas, please visit the County of Sacramento General Map Viewer by clicking the weblink below.  After entering the specific property address, Assessor Parcel Number or street name, click on the submit button.  Once results are returned, scroll down the menu located to the right of the screen until you reach "Redevelopment Agency Information." 


The eligibility of a specific property for NSP funding is based strictly upon NSP program requirements and the specific funding source (NSP1 or NSP3) used to acquire and/or rehabilitate the property.  If you are a developer participating in the Vacant Properties Program, it is strongly advised that you confirm eligibility of specific properties with SHRA staff prior to acquisition.  

Please Note:  At this time, the Vacant Properties Program is operating solely in the County of Sacramento under both NSP1 and NSP3.  Properties located in the City of Sacramento will not be accepted into the program, regardless of being located within the approved Target Areas.