Housing search tool for landlords and tenants

The Housing Authority has launched a new tool to help bridge the gap between landlords looking to rent their properties and tenants in search of properties to rent.

The new web-based tool, Gosection8.com allows landlords to list an unlimited number of properties, which subsequently gives tenants immediate access to housing opportunities that fit their needs and that is within their search preferences for housing. Try the new tool at sacramento.gosection8.com.

Users can choose to set up an optional profile, at no cost, to aid in their search process. A profile provides the user with the opportunity to save searches and favorite properties for future use. Property owners can access a database of prospective tenants that are actively looking to rent, match their property with a tenant’s needs, and then contact the tenant directly. Gosection8.com also offers free call center support to both owners and tenants.

Users will be directed to an external website over which SHRA has no control. Advertising or other messaging on the Gosection8.com website do not reflect the views of, or pertain to programs or services provided by SHRA.

Helpful Video Resources

The link(s) below will redirect you to an external website that is not maintained by SHRA.

Pasadena Housing and Career Services Department: "Understanding the Landlord HCV Program"
Click here to view. 

Landlord Account Services Portal

The Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) has implemented a self-service Landlord
Portal web site for vendors participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV). The Landlord
Portal web site will allow vendors to view account data and make changes as follows:

• Direct Deposit – No need to wait for your Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) checks anymore.
Effective November 1, 2016, all HAP checks will be sent electronically to your bank account via
direct deposit. If you are not receiving electronic checks at this time, please sign up for this service

• Dashboard - View all key information in one place including updating your address and contact

• Tenants List - View a list of all your HCV tenants

• View Ledger - View a summary and/or detailed ledger of all payments made to you.

• View Inspections - View past inspections including any units in abatement status.

• 1099 Info - View past year 1099 information.

Landlord portal workshop flyer

How to Set Up Your Landlord Portal Account

Copy and paste this Landlord Portal URL into your browser  or click the link http://portal.shra.org/signup and follow the sign up process. Please note: Your username will be your vendor code, and you will need your Tax ID available for the sign up process.

Rental Listing Service

The Housing Authority provides an online rental listing service for the Housing Choice Voucher program (formerly Section 8).

Property owners can register and create an account which will enable them to list properties available for rent. Anyone looking for a Housing Choice Voucher rental can easily search this site for available units.

The following information is available on this page:

There are many benefits to participate in the HCV program as a property owner or landlord. 

  • Free Advertising - Currently, an average of 600 eligible families are seeking housing per month.
  • Stable Cash Flow - SHRA makes all subsidy payments directly to the owner or authorized agent. The tenant also makes direct payments to the owner or agent for his/her portion of the monthly rent.
  • Property Control - Property owners retain full control of their property. They retain the right to screen applicants, collect security deposits as allowed by California law and if necessary, to evict tenants in accordance with State and local law.
  • Initial Lease Term - The initial lease term is for one year, after which the lease and contract automatically go month-to-month. You may serve notice to vacate for lease violations prior to the end date if warranted.

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List Rental Property

Owners that have registered to create an account may list their available rental properties on our website. They can also update contact information and maintain their listings of rental units that are available for the HCV program.

List Rental Property

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Orientation Schedule

Are you interested in participating in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program or are you a new owner or manager interested in learning more about the program?
Attend a free Owner Orientation to learn the responsibilities of the Owner, Tenant, and the Housing Authority.
You will also learn the basics of the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly Section 8).
Additionally, you will receive helpful information on how to start participating in the program, what is needed for your rental property to pass inspection, what paperwork is required, and how to complete it.
Did you recently purchase a property with a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract in place? Are there different Notice Requirements with HCV compared to the "open market?" This is your opportunity to have your questions answered.
Owner Orientation Schedule
(Subject to change)
3rd Tuesday of each month
10:00 a.m.
(Allow 2 to 3 hours)
630 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(Corner of 7th and I Streets)
Limited parking is available in SHRA lot located at 630 I Street. Parking is also available at metered spaces on the street, or in nearby parking garages.
Please register via email to Ema Greene at egreene@shra.org

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Housing Quality Standards/Inspections

As the owner/agent you agree to maintain the rental unit to Housing Quality Standards (HQS).
HUD regulations require that:
  • The rental unit must pass HQS inspection prior to approval and execution of the lease addendum and contract with the Housing Authority.
  • The rental unit must pass HQS inspection every year, prior to the recertification expiration date. 
  • The owner/agent or the family can request at any time an HQS inspection when HQS are not being met by either party.
In addition, the Housing Authority's Annual Plan may require a percentage of units be re-inspected for Quality Control.
If after your rental unit is under contract with the Housing Choice Voucher Program and SHRA finds health and safety issues not in compliance with HQS, we will give you notice and a specific time period (24 hours to 30 days) to repair.
If the violation is not fixed when we re-inspect the unit, we will stop payments and you cannot evict the tenant. You must make the needed repairs before we will start payment again.
The family is also responsible for damages caused to the rental unit. SHRA will NOT reimburse the owner for damages. This is another reason you should screen your families carefully, as well as collecting an adequate (and lawful) security deposit.
Be sure to have a specific provision addressing this in your Rental Agreement. You should state what the responsibility of the family would be in regards to repayment for damages, and timeframes you expect payment for damages. The Housing Authority requires that you submit a copy of the Rental Agreement signed by you and the tenant at the time you sign the HCV lease and contract.

Courtesy HQS checklist

Bed Bug Fact Sheet

Rent Increase Request

The Housing Authority is pleased that you are choosing to partner with us to provide much needed housing for the community through your participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly Section 8).

We understand that rental income and expenses are a constant concern. We also understand that increases in property taxes, water, sewage, and trash pick-up services, extensive repairs, changes in the rental market, and other unforeseen expenses can cause you to require an increase in the rent you are asking for your rental property.
Your Tenancy Addendum, signed after your initial inspection, addresses the procedure to allow an increase the rent. For more detailed information, see your Tenancy Addendum, paragraph 15.

What Are the Requirements for Increasing Rent?

You must not be in the initial or one-year lease term. You may request a rental increase prior to the end of the lease term as long as the effective date is after the initial or one year lease term expiration date.
You must notify the Housing Authority of any changes in the amount of the rent to owner at least 60 days before any such changes may go into effect, and with the Housing Authority’s approval.
Your request must include a RFTA supplemental form, which lists the unit amenities.
Your request must be approved by the Housing Authority as being Rent Reasonable. 

What Is Rent Reasonable?

The Housing Authority must determine whether the rent to owner is reasonable in comparison to rents for other comparable unassisted units. To make this determination, the following items are considered:
  •  The location, quality, size, unit type, and age of the rental property
  • Any amenities, housing services, maintenance, and utilities provided and paid by the owner
  • Other comparable rental properties’ verifiable contract rent, and market conditions 

How Do I Submit My Request?

Serve your tenant with a 60-day notice of rental increase and submit a copy to the Housing Authority along with a Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) Supplemental Form List of Unit Amenities to: HCV, 630 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.
After we have processed your request, both the owner and tenant will be mailed a notice of approval or denial. If approved, a Subsidy Adjustment Notice will be mailed. The notice will list the effective date of the new contract rent; the new tenant rent amount, and the amount of the Housing Assistance payment (HAP) the Housing Authority will pay.

Change Utility Responsibilities

If you are no longer in the first year of your lease with your tenant, and your lease does not state otherwise, you may request a change of utility responsibilities to change who (owner or tenant) is responsible for the cost of a utility.  Please complete the Change Utility Responsibilities form and fax it to the Housing Authority at (916) 449-1285, or mail it.  Please note the form requires both the owner or property manager's signatures and the tenant's signature.  

The Housing Authority is required to execute a new lease and contract when there are changes to the type of utility or payment responsibility.  These changes may affect the amount of tenant rent and/or housing assistance payment.  A new lease and contract will be sent to you for signature.  The terms of the lease and contract will be month-to-month.

Utility Responsibility Change Form

Change of Ownership or Payee

If there is a change in ownership or payee information for a property that is currently in a Housing Choice Voucher contract with the Housing Authority, please submit the Change of Ownership or Payee form, W-9 form, and all required information listed on the form.  You may fax the form and information to: (916) 449-1285 or mail it.

Change of Ownership or Payee Form
W-9 Form

Giving and Receiving Proper Notice to Tenants

The California Department of Consumer Affairs’ information on giving and receiving property notice to tenants to move is located here:


You may also refer to the Fair Housing Handbook for the State of California: 

Fair Housing Handbook

Page 19 of the handbook has information pertaining to HCV.