Detox Centers 

Comprehensive Alcoholic Treatment Center (CATC)

700 North 5th Street
Intake Process

Local Law Enforcement brings individuals (men and women) in for a 5170 PC hold and/or other local providers request to bring individuals who are under the influence of alcohol to detox for 72 hours.   Program access is primarily by Law Enforcement who bring clients directly to the Center. If it is a local provider who has a client that is under the influence of alcohol they would contact (916) 448-1236 for screening/availability. 

CATC is a 72 hour detox facility. 

Recovery For Parenting Women
Intake Process

In order to get into the program a prospective client first needs to contact the Adult System of Care (SOC): 3321 Power Inn Road, Suite 120 Sacramento, CA 95826.

The SOC will conduct an AOD assessment and determine county eligibility as well as help determine level of care for a client.  If the client is in need of Peri-natal Residential treatment, they are referred to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). 1446 Ethan Way, Sacramento, CA 95828. You can contact them directly at (916) 922-5121. A case manager at NCADD will then conduct an assessment and contact us to schedule an intake, place the client on our wait list, or place the client in beginner’s group for further assessment.