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Sacramento Area TOD Loan Fund and Food Distribution
2011 HUD Challenge Planning Grant Project Abstract

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has provided the Housing Authority of the County of Sacramento with a $150,000 Challenge planning grant to initiate two critical planning activities for the County: 1) develop a Sacramento Area Transit Oriented Development (TOD) fund that will provide future financing for strategic property acquisition in current and future transit corridors to preserve and expand affordable housing opportunities near public transit; and 2) support the development of a business plan for a food aggregation hub within a transit priority area of Sacramento County.

Sacramento area has lagged behind other metropolitan regions of similar size in creating affordable housing and economic opportunities at or near transit.  The region’s recession has led to an unprecedented decline in local and state revenues for transportation and will have long-term impacts and preliminary revenue projections suggest that slower growth in the region, coupled with the state’s chronic budget deficit and demise of redevelopment, will challenge us to meet critical transportation and housing investment needs. 

Both the TOD Loan Fund and Food Hub planning projects when implemented will further two significant regional efforts:  1) the recently adopted Sacramento’s Sustainable Communities Strategy/MTP which encourages economic development strategies that create transit supportive land uses and new investment in Transit Priority Areas (TPAs); and 2) the Rural Urban Connections Strategy which seeks to protect regional agricultural lands and develop methods for increased local food aggregation and distribution.  The strategies serve multiple goals, including higher transit ridership and fare box recovery rates, expanded affordable housing, employment, access to local fresh foods, and quality of life for all segments of our region’s population. 

The TOD Loan Fund key activities will include:

  • Establishment of a TOD Collaborative to guide the outreach and engagement efforts around developing a TOD Loan Fund; 
  • Conducting a best practice scan and local feasibility study for the potential of a fund in Sacramento; 
  • Determining local TOD Loan Fund objectives and priorities within Sacramento market; and 
  • Development of a preliminary business plan for moving forward with a TOD Loan Fund.

The Food Hub activities will include:

  • Establishment of a Food Hub Working Group to review the development of the business plan; 
  • Hiring of experts in the Food Hub business plan development; 
  • Prepare a Food Hub business plan; and 
  • Conduct community and stakeholder forums regarding the business plan concept.


Geoffrey Ross, Program Manager, SHRA
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