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On behalf of the City and County of Sacramento, the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) administers the following United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) federal entitlement programs:  Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME), Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Programs (HOPWA). Please note that funding under these programs is mostly provided to sub-recipients and other providers. Starting in 2015, the Agency will annually release a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for public facilities and improvements. If you are interested in applying for CDBG funds for your project make sure to check back regularly in the "News and Information" section of the website for the NOFA.

For information on the above programs, annual funding, annual reporting, Citizen Participation Plan, Analysis of Imediments to Fair Housing Choice or public notices please select an option below:


Federal Entitlement Program Staff

Geoffrey Ross, Manager
Sandy Piekarkski, Senior Redevelopment Planner
Brad Satterwhite, Community Development Analyst

Staff can be reached at (916) 440-1393. 

2013-17 Consolidated Plan Development

The planning process for the 2013-17 Five-Year Consolidated Plan is complete. SHRA as the administrator of federal community development funds was selected by HUD to be a pilot community for a new consolidated planning process (Electronic Consolidated Plan Pilot – eCon).  SHRA developed the Consolidated Plan on behalf of the City and the County as a regional plan.

Under this pilot, SHRA worked closely with HUD, the City and County of Sacramento, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, various nonprofts and community leaders to design a format for providing Consolidated Plan information in the most appropriate and user-friendly methods (displaying charts and graphs in addition to narrative) while still complying with statutory and regulatory requirements; and include measurable goals appropriate to the grantee’s activities.

As part of the Citizen Participation process follow the links to the development of the 2013-17 Consolidated Plan to review SHRA’s consultation process with various nonprofits, community groups and local government.

2013-17 Consolidated Plan Consultation
A New Online Tool - The Consolidated Planning Template
Consolidated Plan Regulatory Framework
eCon Plan Template - Integrated Planning and Decision-Making
eCon Planning Suite 
2013-17 Consolidated Plan Public Workshop Q&A
2013-17 Consolidated Plan Public Workshop Presentation

The 2013-17 Consolidated Plan built off established programs embodies the programmatic successes and lessons learned the past several years, as well as recognizes the funding constraints in a post redevelopment California.  The extensive outreach associated with the establishment of the Multi-Family Lending Guidelines (adopted 3/2009); the Substantial Amendments to the 2008-12 Consolidated Plan establishing the NSP, HPRP, and CDBG-R programs (adopted in 2009-10); the HEARTH Academy and Substantial Amendment establishing the new Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), formerly Emergency Shelter Grant (adopted June 2012) provided the starting point for the Citizen Participation process.

2013 - 17 Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plans

Draft City 2015 Consolidated Plan Substantial Amendment
Draft County 2015 Consolidated Plan Substantial Amendment
2014 Amended City Annual Action Plan

2014 Amended County Annual Action Plan
2014 City Annual Action Plan

2014 County Annual Action Plan
2013 Amended City Annual Action Plan
2013 Amended County Annual Action Plan
2013 Consolidated Plan and 2013 County Action Plan Narrative

2013 City Action Plan Narrative
2013 County Action Plan Narrative


Action Plan Staff Reports

2015 City Action Plan
2015 County Action Plan
2014 City Mid Year Amendment March 2014

2014 County Mid Year Amendment March 2014
2014 City Action Plan

2014 County Action Plan
2013 City Action Plan
2013 County Action Plan